Alexander Revisited

There are many films based on history and the great figures which inhabit our rich world. Films about bravery, sacrifice, heroism and conquest naturally abound. Yet few films capture all of these emotions and deeds in the same singular concept as Oliver Stone’s vision of Alexander the Great.

                Told in a sweepingly epic manner of jumping time sequences this three and a half hour experience is one to be seen by every fan of ancient kings. Retelling Alexander’s life is no small task yet it is one wonderfully done. Exposing the numerous dramas which unfolded during the course of his existence the viewer is treated to battles, conspiracies, sexual affairs both conventional and unconventional, and the trauma of losing one’s family to passion.

                Some people may find offense at the loopy style in which the movie is told through; featuring well over a couple dozen instances of flash-forwarding to the future only to backtrack to the past, ending up in the future again, the thread can be difficult to keep up with if one is not astute. The lengthy run time (214mins) doesn’t help much either.

                Yet for its minor flaws the story that is Alexander’s life is something to be watched again and again. I found it to be enthralling despite my prior acquaintance with his accomplishments. So if you are anything like me than I urge you to give this film a try when you have the free time. It is something you won’t regret.

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