Morning Glory (2010)

After watching Morning Glory I’m happy I am not in the television business; rigid assholes leeching off of their past fame, constant phone calls badgering my sanity, and love affairs disputed by the titan of catching the largest breaking story all seem like proper deterrents. That being said this movie is a decent ride (if not featuring the most annoying female lead in recent times).

The plot is simple: a up and coming producer gets her dream job at a major television show yet her horrid co-host drags down the whole show thus jeopardizing the continuation of the program. As Becky (the protagonist) attempts to come up with new ideas to save the show from cancellation she learns how to knit together a family of third-rate morning news anchors and come to terms with her own insecurities.

So the film is not the most innovative out there but it is amusing. It is one of those films which while far from terrible just cannot seem to be bearable. While witty the humor is never enough to prevent boredom from setting in. The romantic sub-plot is as highly contrived while the soundtrack only somewhat passing. In addition to the most absurd female character you just want to strangle and watch die, one can say that Morning Glory has its downside.

I wouldn’t say that the negatives affect a noticeable change in the over-all experience. Simply put it is an all-around average movie. It is true that you could do worse in picking out comedies but as I have said before, you could do better as well.


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