Joy Ride (2001)

It’s good to see some movies involving truckers which do not feature an estranged parent and offspring bonding, even if the replacement is a psychotic murderer hell-bent on exacting revenge for a crank call of dubious quality. Whatever the case Joy Ride is something of a different swig.

Revolving around a college freshman who buys a car to head cross-country to see his wannabe girlfriend, on the way he picks up his troubled brother from a prison. Resuming his trip to his woman the protagonist’s brother talks him into pranking a trucker over the c4 radio. This trucker, however, doesn’t take it lightly and before the duo notices they have on their trail a deranged pyscho willing to do anything for payback.

Though the plot doesn’t sound like much and is littered with a dizzying amount of impossible occurrences (truly the mad trucker must be physic to keep tabs on the cast of characters to such an extent that he is able to predict exactly where they will go so as to set up amusing little signs threatening revenge!), the plot is executed well. The writing is top-notch and suits the story with ease (even with the Owen Wilson knock-off playing the protagonist’s brother) making the premise a bit more realistic.

In all I found Joy Ride to be enjoyable. Acting is good, soundtrack not so bad, and the script more than bearable there isn’t a great deal to complain about. Muddled with the typical movie conventions of impossibility I still found it to be a swell ride.


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