Oblivion (2013)

I appreciate science fiction movies which take a step out of the usual corridor and emerge into deeper waters. After watching Oblivion I can safely say that the latest Tom Cruise movie was just that. While somewhat jumpy at times I nonetheless felt a twinge of excitement at the engaging plot.

The story starts on Earth: brutalized and invaded by “Scavengers” the entirety of the planet lays in irradiated ruins. The bulk of humanity fled to the Saturn moon of Titan. There they built new lives. The only ones left behind were a Skelton crew to watch over the precious water extraction, repair the drones protecting the extractors, and to eliminate the remaining “Scavs” from the planet.

Protagonist Jack Harper is one such repair man. Yet on a routine mission he encounters something which he never had before: Scavs trying to capture him. Eventually his luck would run out and he is caught by his sworn enemies. Yet instead of executing him they offer him something much different. Accepting their offer he discovers that everything he knew was a lie.

From this point onwards the plot takes several interesting turns which I found to be dramatic and innovative enough to warrant comments higher than simply “good”. Above average is what should be ascribed to Oblivion. Even though the story is not highly original it successfully accomplishes what it set out to do: tell a different tale from a different perspective.

Though the manner in which the overall experience is edited together makes the film seem abstract at times I thought this was its only true weakness. The music I found to be superb while the acting brilliant. The ending was one of consideration which I think deserves some bravado for its uniqueness.

I guess you can say I enjoyed Oblivion. So if you are like me, a sci-fi nerd, then give it a go; it will be a couple hours well spent.

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