Killing Hope by William Blum

To achieve Empire is a special economic phenomenon. Not many nations have truly ascended to such a pedestal. Yet those who have, have found rewards beyond their wildest dreams; indeed, the only trick is to ignore the immeasurable suffering imposed on the world from creating such a social-construction. Hoping to illuminate some of this suffering for us author William Blum, in his much praised book “Killing Hope” has provided an exhaustive list of U.S and C.I.A interventions since the start and end of the cold war.

In total there are 55 entries which are chronicled in this book (although there are in fact hundreds of interventions which stretch from the pre-cold war period to long after it). Each entry comes with a sometimes lengthy sometimes short description telling of the nature of the intervention. Written with precision and historical tact one cannot but feel the passion of William’s intensity.

Indeed this book is not for the jingoistic patriots which blind themselves to imperialism. This is primarily because over the course of reading this book one is likely to experience great indignation: loathing for the C.I.A and their blatant disregard for democracy, the constitution, the Geneva convention, and the UN charter (among other documents) will surely emerge as chapter after chapter is read and atrocity after atrocity is absorbed.

That being said I did not find many faults with the over-all product. While the e-book I read had numerous typos it never reached the point where I could not understand a passage. While I also wish the author would have included more entries from the pre-cold war period (and even gone back to update for the modern interventions) one can only ask for so much from any single book. Over all any history fan should give this book a read so as to be informed about the other aspect of American foreign policy.


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