(Kindle App) Word Search

Before I bought my KindleFire I was not a very big word search person. I would not have thought about buying a book of word search puzzles any more than I would give thought to purchasing a nest of wasps. Yet, here I am, enjoying the word search app-appropriately titled “Word Search”-as though I were a young child. Life is full of surprises it seems.

As a person who love to get content for his buck (or lack of therefore, since this is a free app), I was impressed that the game included several dozen hours of playability. The game includes 5000 words to find in a wide variety of themed puzzles. Completing the large repertoire is an additional armory of metagames; the game includes a secret message to decode as well as an assortment of “quests” or tasks (such as finding specific words and completing sections in a time limit). These can be fun distractions to keep your mind off of the monotony of simply finding words for word’s sake. That being said, you are still essentially just playing the game, only with a few sparkly distractions thrown in.

Likewise, since this is a free app, it comes with a catch- microtransactions, those devilish little clauses which tweak the game nudging you into a direction to spend a tiny amount of money buying in-game items for real world cash. In Word Search this takes the form of the token system. Each themed word search section requires a certain amount of tokens to open. While many cost only one token to unlock, and you start off with a small amount of starter tokens, and are able to continuously receive token every day you play simply by entering the game (enabling you to save up your tokens allowing no microtransactions), this process slows down the game forcing you to play only a couple sections a day (on average) to avoid shelling out your hard earned cash for digital trinkets.

Other than that fault, however, and the minor advertisements which occasionally pop up, Word Search is an enjoyable experience. It is fun, easy, and gets you hooked with its mechanics. While it has some minor drawbacks, like all freebies, I can say that this product is in a much better shape than many others I have seen haunting the Kindle store. If you are a word search fan then there is little reason no to pick up this jaunt.


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