Trinity Blood (Short Series Review)

Vampires, the Vatican, and a shadowy organization dedicated to bringing about the next apocalypse. Doesn’t get much better than this: well, maybe if werewolves were somehow worked in but for the fact that Trinity Blood only ran in the U.S for a single season, we have what we do. So be grateful!

The plot of Trinity Blood is interesting and somewhat convoluted. The story follows Able Nightroad, a priest for the Vatican sent off on missions to further the diplomatic mission of international peace. His job invariably falls to diffusing potentially war-causing scenarios between the two great super-powers in a post-apocalyptic Earth: the Vatican and the Empire; the former composed of humans while the later vampires. Complicating Able’s mission is the fact that a secret society known as the Order of Rosen Kreuz is deliberately stirring the pot in an attempt to precipitate the destruction of the world, only adds some additional dramatic flair to the already poignant plots.

Of course, an Anime wouldn’t be complete without a twist. Trinity Blood does not disappoint either. In Able’s case this manifests as him imbued with microorganisms enabling him to transform in what can only be described as a “super vampire”: just as (normal) vampires feed on humans, what he metamorphose into feeds on vampires. So in a sense Darwin was right- there is always a bigger fish.

The narrative handles itself well. Political intrigue within the Vatican and the revealing mystique of the Empire play off each other exceptionally well. Between unexpected leaders, the day-to-day realities of the opposing countries organizations, as well as the protagonist’s role within this melting pot of violence, fuse to great effect. Helping matters in this regard is, of course, the wonderful music: the ending theme in particular adds much emotion to the finale which from the time you see it in the first episode to the time in the final, allows you to see the kind of foreshadowing involved in this project for the localization team. Likewise, the art, voice acting, and writing are all executed well; no great fault stands out limiting the show in any discernable manner.

Trinity Blood was part of Funimation’s drive last decade to bring over a great deal of localized Anime in an attempt to find the next big seller. Obviously, with but a single season, Trinity Blood wasn’t it. Nonetheless, it was a solid show in and of itself. The aesthetics were differently refreshing and the setting-a devastated Europe- more unique than a stale variation of contemporary or feudal Japan. The political drama involving clandestine organizations and the tension between Christianity and secular Gothicism intertwined with one another to create a pleasing fusion of sound and experience.


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