Sometimes They Comeback… For More! (movie)

Good lord, this movie is terrible! Seriously, there is no praise I can give this film. This is unfortunate because it is so crummy that had it been made as an intentionally bad horror flick, in the vein of B-films, I would have a lot of good to say. Alas it is supposed to be a serious movie. What a pity. The film is based off of characters from Stephen King, a loose connection tying them to the characters in the much better film “Sometimes They Come Back.” When I say loose, however, I actually mean practically non-existent. But I figure anyone seeing a movie which is “based off of characters” already knew that to begin with.

So the plot revolves around Sam, a military police officer sent to investigate the collapse of a secret Antarctica base. Once there many kinds of messed up hi-jinx are revealed, such as: zombies, ghosts, irrational motivation and dialogue, and something to do with a Satanic plot to summon Satan. Everything is slow to start and only becomes marginally better as the pace picks up, if only that better is you not falling asleep. The end of the movie is as tepidly insipid as any horror buff can guess: some dues ex machnia-esque shit involving the protagonist bring the whole sordid affair to a groan inducing end.

Obviously, you can do far better when searching for films to watch than enduring this experience. Other than the contrived plot, the entire direction of the film is maddeningly confused. Characters spew lines which are either A) nonsensical and ill-fitting for the situation, or B) completely irrelevant to the event at hand. Additionally, this confusion in purpose infects the general narrative as well: it is revealed that Sam is half-brother to a demon intent on bringing back the Dark Lord, but if that is the case, than what of the initial trepidation at entering the base; what of the shock at seeing zombies and not realizing his combat partner couldn’t possibly be alive after dying? On and on the list goes. I could easily fill the review here with nothing but plot holes and inconsistencies.

It’s easier to say this: avoid this film! The original film this movie is based from is, by far, a much better experience (though nothing superb in terms of the horror great). Go watch that one. As for this, just burn it and throw it in the snow afterwards.


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