Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster (PS3- Short Review)

Any JRPG fan knows that Final Fantasy X (ten) is among the best entries in the series; the story, graphics for the time, music, and battle system entranced users making it a beloved entry in the series. Now, years later, it (along with its painful successor X-2) has been re-mastered in high definition, available together on the same disc. The release comes with some new bells and whistles. In X, players now have the option to choose between two variations of the Sphere Grid; there is the original mode, which directs players onto a pre-selected development path for each character, as well as a newly added expert mode which grants players the ability to strengthen their characters in whatever direction they wish from the onset. Additionally, there are a host of new boss fights; Dark Aeons as well as Penance make their U.S debut as superbosses which will push our skills to the limit. Finally, bridging the gap between X and X-2, Square Enix has included a new cinematic short film meant to illuminate the time gap and the finer points of some of the post-Sin events. The bulk of X-2 in this respect has remained the same. However, available from the title screen is now a new dungeon (a gargantuan tower, in true Final Fantasy fashion) which hosts a new superboss at the top. If ultra-powerful enemies which require dozens upon dozens of hours of training to best are your thing, then this combo release has you covered. In all, this re-master is a must buy for any Final Fantasy fan: all the good is there (plus Trophies!) plus some extra, to miss it would be a travesty.


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