Leap Year (2010)

Ah, romantic comedies, the staple of Hollywood. Is there anything more conventional? I don’t think so; really, not even conventional warfare matches the trite formula of these films. In my experience such films tend to fall in one of two categories: the eccentric misadventure variety whereby a slew of oddities occur to a misshapen couple, or, the second category, whereupon a young man or maiden embarks upon a life changing journey only to discover that the sparkle of their eye isn’t so sparkly. After this decadently revealed twist they usually marry the odd stranger who enters their life while on the route to this discovery. Leap Year falls into this latter category.

The plot is nothing special. Anna, an apartment stager, wishes her boyfriend (a cardiologist) would stop dragging his feet and ask her to marry him. One night after a romantic dinner whereupon she expected her partner to finally pop the question (she went as far as to even call up her father and say she is getting engaged) yet does not, she becomes dejected; he flies to Ireland for a medical convention and she realizes she must invoke the old Irish tradition of proposing to her man on Leap Day.

From here the wild moments ensue: her flight to Ireland is diverted, causing her to seek alternative means of transportation, her attempts to find housing result in the destruction of her motel room, and to top it off, the only person willing to transport her to Dublin is a rough-edged bar owner who embodies everything she is not. It is almost like opposites attract… you know the rest- she hops back up with her boyfriend, breaks off the engagement after she realizes he is not as good as the Irish man, and then hops back a plane to Ireland to ask for his hand in marriage. AS I said, conventional.

Per the norm there seems to be few things wrong with the movie. The dialogue is witty despite it being only rated PG (usually for sharper humor a PG-13 rating is needed), the musical score and acting suit one another, and the plot lacks any gargantuan holes or leaps (aside from the usual leap that the two new lovers only actually spent a few days with one another). So, a solid movie from beginning to end. If you or anyone you know has a romantic comedy craving then notch a sliver into your collection for this Irish flavored treat.


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