Dirt Road Home by Cheryl Savageau (Short Review)

I cannot say I like poetry. In fact, I rather hate it.  No ‘rather’: I hate it. If it were not for university I would not bother to read any of the dribble since I consider it to be pretentious. Nonetheless, I had to read it. So to make a long story short, Cheryl Savageau writes Native American poetry. Her poems, as contained in this short book, illustrate the so-called ‘double-consciousness’ of the discovery of her Native ancestry and how her family life was structured around living within a Euroamerican settler society. Every poem demonstrates her struggle and triumphs, her consciousness coming to life, as well as the simple everyday acts which befall anyone of aboriginal blood. So needless to say the poems are rich in language and allusions to history and discrimination. The reader feels the emotion of the text even without a working understanding of analyzing the text in-depth. Though to fully understand the full breath of Savageau’s over-reaching thesis an understanding of Native myths and legends is needed, at a base level even the amateur will be able to appreciate the rivers of truth flowing through these poems.


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