New Collected Poems by Eavan Boland

Whoopee! Another poetry anthology! You can guess my enthusiasm as well as where this unfortunate piece of literature originated; that’s right, from an English class with a professor who places far too much trust in the power of abstract imagery. Regardless, Boland is an Irish poet. Coming from the same experiences as Heaney emerges from, her poetry encapsulates much of the same concepts: sectarian violence, death, discrimination and so on. While Boland’s writing is less “emo” than Heaney’s, it is still strewn with sadness nonetheless. Somewhat more political, Boland’s style captures the situation in Ireland very directly and though, like all poetry, minces words, does so in a manner which allows the reader to becomes more in tuned with the concepts at hand without countless subsequent readings. When compared to Heaney I would say I enjoyed Boland’s poetry more, but even so, that is not saying much. Yet, it you are a poetry person, consider picking this up.


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