What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami (Short Review)

Yup, another Murakami book. Get used to it. Regardless, this book is different from the others: it is a memoir! More specifically it is essentially a re-worked collection of journal essays Murakami has revised into a short biography of sorts; he details two important aspect of his life: first, his running and how it relate to the second, his writing. The prose is fun and typical of Hurmaki’s writing. He tries to spice things up with humor, never takes himself too seriously, and segues seamlessly into the more personal tid-bits of how he came to writing and the process by which he writes. Yet since this memoir is first and foremost a expose of the importance of running to Murakami, the bulk of the book is focused on him training for the various races he has participated in over the years. He describes his training process, his thoughts on the training, and his thoughts on other runners, and the actual races themselves. It does seem like a basic book and so it is. Moreover it is short and easy to finish in a day if you have the time. So if you don’t enjoy Murakami then forget about this oddity; if you like Murakami but are unsure on memoirs and autobiographies, then again, forget about this hunk of paper; if you like Murakami, however, and like biographies, then checking out this glimpse into the internationally renowned author’s life is a must.


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