Stolen (2012)

Let’s pretend that you and I are master thieves. We spend our lives going around robbing banks, jewelry stores, and various other high profile targets. Then, after one fateful evening, after a run-in with the wrong janitor, things go haywire and the heist goes wrong. What would you do? Well, if you happen to be the protagonist of Nicolas Cage’s 2012 opus then the answer would be burn the cash- all ten million dollars. In the fire. A garbage can fire. Then go to jail. Not the best way to handle things but hey, when options are limited what can ya do?

This is how “Stolen” begins and so quickly escalates to more heinous acts as your partner returns from the grave demanding his share of the loot. Problem is you burned it, remember? Well, until he gets his money he will keep your daughter prisoner and unless you can find a new sum of cash in 12 hours, she dies. Talk about the past coming back to haunt you, eh? You know what they say about karma.

The rest of the film proceeds from this point in typical fashion: some struggles with old partners, chase scenes, battling the clock, desperate plans, daring robbery, confrontation with protagonist, misleading death, clever ending. Scene over. Exit stage left. Everything is conventional about the film but the standout trait for me was the amusing villain who brought a sense of desperate hilarity to the role. His essence played against the lead’s in a textbook manner (opposites colliding) but nevertheless managed to bring a bit or originality to an otherwise largely pointless movie. Pessimistic? Truthfully there is not much to say so I will just say this: acting is fine, music is fine, story is fine (as far as simple action concepts go), and the entire procession is fine. If you need something to fill your evening then look no further.


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