Gone in Sixty Seconds

Fast cars, hot ladies, criminals, and a daring plot to “boost” fifty cars in several days. There is the thief with a moral compass, the foreign bad guy, tough bad-asses, and recesses of humor. Is this a Hollywood action movie targeted at young males in the 18-35 demographic? *gasp!* How did you know?! You must be a witch… or a film buff. Whichever makes more sense.

Well, this time around a master car snatcher by the name of Memphis is forced back into action, after previous being retired, to help his kid brother out of some serious dodo. Turns out he signed up to steal way more cars than he could handle and now if his brother does not steal the remaining cars, then Memphis’s brother will be killed. The villain, after all, is none other than a swerve British mastermind with a serious case of Anti-American attitude; why is never explained but it sure does trump up some patriotic nonsense in a hurry. Oh yeah, there is also this group of detectives determined to catch Memphis in the act so as to efface their record of not catching him. As you may have expected this does not actually interfere with Memphis and his group too often. In fact, the hero ends up saving his police rival from the bad guy. What a guy!

The advertisements for the movie stressed its “constant non-stop action!” To be honest I didn’t see a whole lot of action. There was quite a bit of planning on how to steal the cars, some witty banter, and a decent amount of flashy driving scenes, but other than that there wasn’t a whole lot of actual “action, action” moments. You know, like those scenes with people fighting and shit blowing up. That kind of action. I guess it was only ever perceived as a racing type of movie but even so it would have bettered itself with some more high-octane moments.

Regardless, if you are one for car porn then forget about it! This is your dirty delight. All kinds of old cars, the super expensive new cars, and the various other mechanical contraptions that people with small “you know whats” obsess over. Over all I liked the experience. Not very original, obviously, but I have seen this same concept pulled off far worse and with a great cast of actors you know you could do far worse.


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