Sorority Wars (2009) (Short Review)

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to cross a college party film with fairy-tale romanticism? Well thanks to Sorority Wars you can wonder no more! Yes, now you can experience all the drunken orgies of college party life while remaining enamored in the micro-dramas of elite university phantasies. Enter Katie: a pledge to Delta, the elite sorority on campus, who, after witnessing admission of misconduct among the head of the house, testifies in “sorority court” and leads to having Delta’s annual house formal cancelled. Obviously this is high drama and it means war; and so the Delta house begins a campaign of upper-middle class terror against their tattle-tale. Drama is compounded further when Katie’s best friend goes over to the Delta dark side. Tension between her mother, however, blossoms when she learns of Katie’s actions. So over all it is a cluster-fuck but only in the melodramatic sense of blowing things WAY out of proportion; it is the classic petty-bourgeois intimidation of conflating decadent troubles with working class troubles, of smoothing over all troubles into a single conglomerate so as to justify their own luxurious lifestyle while millions others suffer in agony. But hey, what were you expecting with a college party film? Certainly nothing down to earth, serious, or something approaching pragmatism or free of clichés. No, that would be too much.


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