Bag of Bones (2011) (Short Review)

Writer’s block sucks. It prevents ideas from forming and, if you are Mike Noonan, precipitates the emergence of an angry ghost from the past with a grudge against Mike’s bloodline. Not your usual case of writers block. So Mike, of course, does what any sane person would do: communicates with his deceased wife’s specter to find the means to exorcise the poltergeist and live happily-ever-after- curse free. This is a Stephen King thriller meant to please the ghost lover in you. Provided, the movie (divided into two parts) could have been better managed; the alcoholic sub-plot tied loosely into Mike’s grief over his wife but, when taken with the host of convenient plot points, doesn’t feel out of place in what was an unfortunate series of occurrences which ultimately dragged down the logic of the story. I don’t mind nonsense in ghost stories but when that nonsense clunks down on the loose ends on what was a ambivalent-confused-finale, I have to demand something better from director Mick Garris. Now, this is not by any means a bad movie. Realistically I am probably splitting hairs, but even so, these thing must be said for the attention lover in you.


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