Stephen King’s “It” (1990) (Short Review)

I can and will say this to you right now: if you ever meet a freaky looking clown called Pennywise promising you fun stuff while talking about floating… just run. Don’t think about it. Just run and never look back. That sicko is a murderer. In fact he isn’t even human. He is actually this ancient spider-like super-predator which feeds on an projects hallucinations so as to lure you into a false sense of security; that is called the “dead lights”. But he feeds exclusively on children so if you are past the worst of puberty you are probably fine.  Regardless, this is the premise of “It.” The mini-series is great. The acting all around is superb (with perhaps the best performance being given by Pennywise himself) and fits wonderfully into the concept of a group of friends battling the unspeakable evil. Without this excellent character building the miniseries would have fallen flat. At the end of the proverbial day the antagonist of the show is easily defeated, and revealed to be something rather disappointing, and so without this firm group of people who could have been guys and girls you yourself have known, the overall project would have fallen on bad times. Yet as it stand it succeeds remarkably well. Any fan of horror-thrillers will enjoy themselves here with the snappy writing, memorable characters, and great baddie.

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