Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (Short Review)

Some things get better with age; Michael Bay doesn’t. Doubly goes for his treatment of the Transformers series: the further you dive into it the more you realize what you’re swimming in is shit. Sure the cinematography is great and the action large and in charge but everything else about the film, and I literally mean everything, is poorly or mediocrely executed; too many villains, plot holes, and silly happenings make this film something only a teenage boy could enjoy (which is why Bay panders to them in every film). But instead of focusing on the negative I want to briefly discuss the one positive. To me this is the change in atmosphere- the movie is darker. The Autobots are being hunted down, the government is making deals with rouge Transformers and willing to murder civilians in order to keep everything hush hush, science is brining Deceptions back to life, and in the inferno of an ancient extinction, some powerful entities want Optimus Prime to themselves. It has a more mature feel than the previous entries in the series which, at their heart, were really about a boy and his car being thrust into odd situations. Admittedly, the premise for this new trilogy isn’t much better (inventor and teen daughter), but it does have just a twinge of (existential) difference which sets it above Witwicky’s adventure. Now, there is still plenty wrong with the film, and in many respects the previous movies were better executed, if we just speak in terms of look and feel, then I have at least some hope for the next movie, especially if Optimus battling Transformer god is as epic as it sounds.


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