Brief Thoughts on Moufawad-Paul’s The Communist Necessity

Another political piece. This one critiques the newly published book of a Canadian Leftist. For those lacking an understanding of revolutionary strategy this will be a very nonsensical read but for those who have an idea of what is being talked about, this review will sketch out some of my concerns with the author’s theory.

Dynamic Figment

Recently I finished comrade Moufawad-Paul’s recently published polemic “The Communist Necessity.” In it he outlines what he calls the communist necessity, something when, simply spoken, is a renunciation of the vague “horizons” and “hypothesis” as put forward by Jodi and Badiou. Systematically the author demonstrates what he views as the fallibility of postponing communist agitation and revolution; Movementism, or the tactic of trailing movements with the hope of re-directing them to a revolutionary pole, is his prime target with Jodi and Badiou’s theory utilized as an example of the historical theory which results when movementism infects the orchestration of revolution itself and its intellectual wings.

Being a supporter of the PCR-RCP, Moufawad’s strategy is placed firmly in post-RIM politics: acceptance of universal PPW, that PPW is possible in the imperialist centers, and a traditional vanguard party built for the modern day is all that is needed (along with militant activism…

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