Commentary Mania! (pt.1)

Commentary Mania!

Hey ya’ll, another happy side project to accompany your lives: commentary mania! This is where I post short reviews of film commentaries and give you my thoughts on how the director, writers, or whoever is doing the commentary made the grade; good and bad I have them all, so please, sit back and enjoy the manic commentary!

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Salt: The Art of Monologue

                Salt was an interesting movie. Involving a Russian mole who would strike against evil America, the tale of Evelyn Salt is an action packed adventure. The commentary, however, is not so action packed. This isn’t to say it is bad but rather the director- Philip Noyce- spends a great deal of time talking about the origins of the movie. Do not get me wrong: it is interesting to hear of how the idea germinated and evolved over the decades (yes, decades), but, in my opinion, he spends far too much energies on irrelevant details of the film; while he goes through the motions of talking about the actors and techniques involved in bringing the spy actioner to life, he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time discussing the difficulties and bonuses of actually creating the movie. Perhaps this is a positive, or negative, depending on your viewpoint, but though the commentary was fascinating in some aspects, it ultimately was tedious. Lacking a monotone quality was a strong suit to be sure but without actually discussing the innate challenges of the film in a coherent manner, the commentary will always be a secondary attraction. I can only handle so much of him going over the inspirational material and the small tid-bits before I go crazy. Over all it was good but not great. Just average.


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