Commentary Mania (Pt.2)

Kick-Ass: Advanced Interior

                The commentary to the Blu-Ray version of Kick-Ass is not so much a commentary as it is an inside experience. The director spends most of the time displaying the movie alongside behind the scenes footage spliced with the cast members talking about their thoughts regarding the film. So expect the actual movie to be seen through a small screen in the corner of the television. I found this approach different but effective. It did take some getting used to following the director’s musings as it related to the scene at hand, especially with the scene being so small in the immediate viewing area, but ultimately, the shifting quality between large and small viewing made an agreeable difference. This approach really made the movie stand out as regarding the challenges in making it; small budget, the director working for free, and Hollywood executives sneering down on some of the more “edgy” scenes, made Matthew Vaughn’s story come to life in a way few comic book based films could. The egalitarian focus on multiple aspects of the movie made it a worthwhile moment in terms of film commentaries. If anything is certain after watching the commentary to this movie it is that no time will be wasted in going behind the scenes in this independent extravaganza. Watch. Now.

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