Commentary Mania (Pt.3)

Pay It Forward: An Exercise in Boredom

                This commentary review will be short and to the point, primarily because I got less than a quarter way through the beginning before I ejected the disk and said to myself, “good lord, this sucked!” Director Mimi Leder doesn’t so much as narrate a commentary as she makes basics observations as you watch. In the beginning of the film she says, “it is my pleasure to watch this film with you.” Key word: watch. This means she isn’t illustrating the behind the scenes moments which fans crave; rather, she is making basic comments on what is happening at any given time in the movie: What, Kevin Spacey’s character is a burn victim? My goodness, you don’t say!… and so on. She simply points out the points which are already obvious. Listening to her is quite boring. Unlike other directors she simply costs along, never being a jabber mouth: indeed, this is reflected in the audio- unlike in most commentaries where the audio is greatly subdued, almost non-audible, in this commentary it is close to fully audible, making the talking points even more forsaken. It is easier to say this: forget listening to the commentary on this movie; go onto something better.


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