Commentary Mania (Pt.5)

Watchmen: Over the Top

                The director’s commentary on the Blu-ray version of the Watchmen is not so much a commentary as it is a behind the scenes, interactive, tour de force of exposition regarding the film. It is called “Maximum Movie Mode” and boasts cut-aways of the director talking, optional photo galleries, and historical illuminations of the Watchmen universe all while you view the movie. Some maybe disappointed that it is not an actual audio commentary and be taken aback by the very unusual nature of the mode but I think with a movie as poignant and artistic as the Watchmen this is the ideal setting to hear more about the production process. I think any hardcore fan will appreciate the labor which went into crafting an experience like this which gives the viewer such a glimpse while they watch. I know I found it intensely fascinating. I hope to see more of these type of commentaries in the future since I found this one for Watchmen to be wonderful.


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