Commentary Mania (Pt.9)

Daybreakers: Energy Crisis- Vampire Version

                Peter and Michael Spierig make for a lively listening: in contrast to some other directors who do commentary tracks, the Spierig brothers dish out on all the important parts of the film, from the soundtrack, to the budgeting issues, to the special effects, and the concept which inspired what drove the project forward. While the allegory behind the movie should have been deathly apparent to anyone with a working knowledge of current events, Peter and Michael reveal the parallel behind the vampires blood shortage and the real world oil crises; they talked of how it was important to hit a balance between preaching and good old fashioned action. More relevant to the genre, however, they discussed creative forces which led to the creation of Daybreakers and what differentiated it from the crowd. These aspects I found most illuminating since it really brought into focus some of the film’s elements and the rationale for dressing people in a certain way or why aesthetics are shown to be one way in one shot and another in a different. With many other interesting comments given on a number of technical issues I found this commentary track to be highly watchable. If you were a fan of the film then it will be well worth your time.

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