Commentary Mania! (Pt.11)

Jonah Hex: The Weird Tales of a Picture-in-frame Director

                The commentary track for the 2010 version of Jonah Hex follows the Watchman approach: it is not a traditional commentary in that while the movie is playing the director, the cast members, and many other relevant people are explaining the construction of the scene(s) while the movie is playing. I don’t think it is quite as immersive as Watchman’s iteration on this commentary, but it still feels more focused in the sense that the features are to the point and presented more linear than in other similar films. Even so I am still “on the fence” regarding these types of commentary alternatives since they feel like a cheap escape of the director actually sitting down and giving their thoughts on the movie; they feel, instead, of the special features which should normally be included in the film being threaded throughout the movie so that instead of hearing something wholly new, you are merely experiencing everything that the movie has to offer without the director actually taking the time to give new, original thoughts which you would normally hear on a commentary track. This isn’t to say that this feature as seen in Jonah Hex is rotten, just different. I haven’t made up my mind regarding it yet but if you have then you have the power to decide if this is worth watching.

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