Apologies everyone for taking such a hiatus and vanishing. I know that I said I would be back months ago and with a new installment series. However, events which were out of my hands forced my hands and time was dedicated to other ends. Unfortunately I will not be able to update for a while more– months in fact. However, I still have big plans for for this blog. In short I do not intend for it to remain a blog. I want to expand it into a Youtube channel where high quality, thought provoking videos speak of media and other aspects of pop culture. This is not to say that there will be anymore written posts, because rest assured that there will still be many, but just that I am interested in expanding the function of this blog.

So I intend in the coming months to buy a new computer and then start learning (slowly and painfully I expect) how to shoot, record, write, and edit videos. I expect I will be updating again with written pieces around September, however, it will be infrequent at first. However, I will be steadily working on overhauling the site and re-organizing its purpose and appeal.

In the meantime it would mean a lot to me if you guys could comment below and tell me what you most want out of videos: what are you not seeing now that you would like to see online? Be as detailed as you want!

See you later!

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