“It’s Better this Way”, or, Malthus Reprised (A Review)

A review of Thomas Hill’s “It’s Better This Way”.

UMF English Department Blog

It's Better this Way (Cover)

Review by Curtis Cole

Post-apocalyptic stories are a dime a dozen. Alien invasion stories are also of a dozen. Between the two sub-genres it is difficult to do anything original; that is until you infuse your plot with four-armed, multi-eyed bull-like creatures from outer space. It may sound like a bad—or really good—“B”-sci-fi film from the 80s but it is more nuanced than that (you will be pleased to know). It is actually a tale of an ambiguous moral quandary and the ruins of a civilization rebuilding from the wreckage of an alien invasion.

So, no, there are not any ‘little green guys’.

Rather, the plot is one of Evan Greggs, a scout for a commune called The Farm, whose stability has crafted a sphere of influence in an otherwise sordid wasteland. Gregg’s job is to scout—and perhaps violently deal with—disturbances on the fringes of The Farm’s territory; keeping the…

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