Broken Bodies: A Review of “The Dragon’s Wrath: A Virtual Dream”

UMF English Department Blog

dragon's wrath

Review by Curtis Cole

Brent Roth, like many of Amazon’s self-published authors, have a unique take on science-fiction; often taking cues from their personal life to shore up narrative defects from authorial inexperience, books such as The Dragon’s Wrath: A Virtual Dream takes inspiration from many sources, but none more so than the author’s own misfortune. This is not a claim made in opposition to such strategies but more of an advisement that a reader is ought to be wary when reading such a text as sometimes it can be difficult to tell where the autobiography ends, and the narrative beings.

Throughout the narrative of Wrath the protagonist, a once athletic and sociable extrovert brimming with confidence, is brought low by a series of accidents. His injuries wound him severely and slowly but surely erode his entity until a shell of his former self is seen: he gains weight, loses…

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