Fantastical Conmen: A Review of Scott Meyer’s Off to be the Wizard

UMF English Department Blog

The cover title for Scott Meyer's book The cover title for Scott Meyer’s book “Off to be the Wizard”.

             Review by: Curtis Cole   

                In the overcrowded science fiction and fantasy market, it takes a special show of talent to be noticed. This is doubly important for new authors. For people like Scott Meyer who, after beginning his career as a radio personality, eventually began penning his, still continuing, comic strip Basic Instructions this means risking much in a budding career, and highly finicky market, to make an impact in an virtual ocean of competition. Luckily for Meyer, however, his attempt to branch out seems to have paid off: with the success of the first book of his “Magic 2.0” project, he has managed to negotiate the poorly defined ground of the young adult niche; with, as of writing, two additional entries in the series published, Meyer is quickly becoming a name in…

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