The Misadventure of an ‘Oddfit’ (Book Review)

UMF English Department Blog

oddfitReview by Curtis Cole

Culture creates a kind of myth. It is the myth of narrative; that we are in control of our futures and can determine their outcomes. Tiffany Tsao’s Oddfits, however, makes short work of this myth by her presentation of alienation and the accompanying escape fantasy. Colluding narratology and philosophy in a sort of existential framework, Tsao’s first installment of her ‘Oddfit’ series, makes a stunning impact on the Indie scene, the net result, of which, is a ‘raising of the bar.’

The story is a simple one: protagonist Murgatroyd Floyd is an ‘Oddfit,’ or, a person possessing the ability to see and freely traverse the ‘More Known World,’ an expansion of reality—which is in turn called the ‘Known World’—which holds a vast, potentially infinite, expanse of wonders connected to the ‘Known World.’ One day, he is told of his dormant abilities and is solicited to…

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