Ba-da-boom: Introducing Micro-Reviews!

Let’s find out if large things come in small packages.

I try not to be a cliche, as such, I will not apologize for my lack of new content which was not material blogged originally elsewhere, nor will I apologize for the sporadic nature of those posts. Why? Well, let’s be honest: you don’t care whether or not I update; I am a stranger to you and someone who is just another voice, a drop, of a commentator on the internet. So, I don’t feel the need to apologize to you wonderful people. (Should I become an immensely liked personality, however, then perhaps that would change with a posting drought).

BUT!… there is more. This post is not just a random musing brought on by boredom.

You see, originally, when I began this blog, it was something to do as I awaited for university to begin. I was bored. Then, when university began, I updated on occasion but slowed down; this haphazard posting schedule continued for the next couple of years. Eventually, when I began posting book reviews for my university’s English department’s blog, a bit more content flowed again but this was, still, haphazard.

Now that I am on a protracted break from university, however, I will have some time to engage in online antics. Unfortunately, though, this will not mean a regular updating cycle: while I do want to update this blog with a higher frequency than I have been doing, it would be fallacious to believe, or say, that I am capable of updating everyday. Rather, I will be, hopefully, updating every few days (maybe a bit more or less, depending on my circumstance).

The measured postings follow measured content. Because I am busy with my own research, I will have my focus on other projects. I simply will not have time to update this blog on a regular basis. Nor will I have time to write lengthy reviews. So, instead of simply abandoning this blog and deleting it, I will post what I am calling “micro-reviews.”

Hopefully, the term should be straightforward enough. Micro-reviews are short reviews of media (various aspects of culture and contemporary pop culture; books, video games, movies, music, etc.). In other words, these posts are insights which are curt, intelligent, and mildly experimental. Because of their brevity, no longer than a couple of short paragraphs, if even, and I, like any reviewer, have a lot to cover in a product’s reception, this will entail a new sort of posting style. Admittedly, I am not sure on the exact details since this is an idea that came to me, literally, some minutes ago, but I feel it will involve anything from simple reviews stabbing at the heart of a commodity, to maybe even more philosophical or poetical constructions. The point of these micro-reviews is to do something a bit different when reviewing a product, to pack a lot of material into a tight space, and that may demand that I get creative.

So, in sum, expect the unexpected: anticipate reviews which find their center in traditional writing as well as the non-traditional sphere of writing. When will the first of such reviews be posted? Hopefully, sometime in the next few days as I sort my affairs. But, you know what they say…


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