The Force Awakens… but, 5 more Minutes? (Micro-Review)

SW comparison
Ring a bell?

Good, it is not, the Force Awakens is; lost in the mists of filmic enterprise, it is; I think J.J Abrams went over to the dark side with this one: just imagine a remake, or an adaptation, if you will, of Episode Four, and this is what the end-product would be– a glossy, populist record about identity politics confronting spiritual fascism (a Black man and a womyn confront a fanatic with a cross for a sword). Shakespeare once wrote “What light though yonder window breaks?” J.J answered with lens flares, cheap thrills, and a story-line that, despite being wholesale plagiarized from the prequel trilogy, managed to be well-received despite featuring the most pathetically emo pre-teen of a fanatic I had the joy of (lens)glaring at. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! “Celebrate [Death Star rip off] times, come-on! Let’s [BOOM!]’ Not sure much more needs to be said. Everything relied on nostalgia and anti-Lucas sentiment. Thankfully, I was not disappointed with the film, as I never expected Abrams to deliver a remarkable product, being a well-known Hollywood minster. Bad, it may have not been, but good neither it was.


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