Refining Commentary Mania

On this blog, there is a category called ‘Commentary Mania!’ This is where I give my thoughts, on a chapter by chapter basis, as I read a book. I started this category because, originally, when I mused on how I would disseminate my views on such lengthy books, I thought that a series would be better than either a single long review or a single tightly packed one which omits a great deal.

Lately, though, I have been thinking back to Commentary Mania! and decided that I will revive it as category. I want to expand it into television shows. Essentially, I would just like to rebirth this category so as to enable it to work toward deconstructing series which are some of my favorite. Shows, perhaps, which would do well with bit more critical attention shoved their way.

So, commentary mania! will still be commentary, as in, a review, but it will be more centered on deconstruction and critical theory. I want to probe issues which episodes raise and explore the wider ramifications of those issues within the context of the show’s original airing and audience. As I do so, I will be offering my thoughts and memories of when I first saw such episodes and how my perspective has since changed.

I am looking forward to this endeavor. I have a great amount of shows which I will explore. So, expect the category cloud to expand in size as I make subsequent sub-categories related to specific shows. The first such new category? I am thinking that oft forgotten Nickelodeon show ‘Invader Zim.’ Though I have reviewed it previously on this blog, it was a short and unremarkable review. This time, however, I want to enjoy the text more and see what comes of it.


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