Ex Machina (2015) (A Micro-Review)

I fully support the idea of Artificial Intelligence, so the fact that I enjoyed Ex Machina despite its slightly alarmist fear-mongering, is a testament to the film itself. I think this is because the film focuses on deeper issues; the blase “is A.I. ethical” debate is overturned in favor of a parable warning not against A.I. per se, but against human behavior in relation to A.I., that if humanity is not careful, then our we treat one another will ultimately determine whether machines rise up against us. I feel that this is what made this movie work so well (aside from the fantastic acting and soundtrack and everything else). It did something rarely seen in such modern science-fiction pieces– it delivered on an alarmist concept without resorting to trite Dues Ex Machina devices and megalomaniac super-Gods. It explored the downfall of a specific aspect of humanity iv humanity itself but without the reactionary “it’s human nature!” nonsense which is all too common in today’s cinema.


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