Great North Road (Review)

The Farmington Review

Review by Curtis Cole

                As any dedicated reader of my reviews will have noted, I review a lot of… well, ‘crap’. True steam piles. I read a lot of texts which function little better than first drafts riddled with more spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors than a sixth grader’s Harry Potter fanfic. Naturally, it is nice to sojourn every once in a while to a warm, tropical island called ‘literary quality’. Thankfully, Peter F. Hamilton is my co-pilot on this vacation and he ensures that all goes as planned. (Thank Lenin!)

The text this time around is Great North Road.

Story wise we are dropped into a fairly reliable, albeit cliched, plot: that of a rich man’s murder and a renegade alien monster. To make a complicated plot simple, it is like this: a century from now, the economy is ruled by the uber-powerful North family; they are…

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