How Meta: A Micro-Review of Alex Foster’s “Book Reviews”

The Farmington Review

Review by Curtis Cole

                In the practice of full disclosure, I misread the title of this book and led myself to believe that it was a book on how to review literature, not on how to get reviews. Big difference.

This is fine, though, because the idea behind Alex Foster’s short pamphlet is that writers need to be proactive, disciplined, and mature when advertising their work and soliciting reviews. In short, he goes through the various methods which Indie authors—on Amazon but other sites as well—should employ when promoting their work. He lists some handy websites to advertise one’s works on, how the Terms of Service (TOS) operate, and why it is always worth following the law when soliciting reviews, along with the basics of handling bad reviews. With every step concretely explained and logically argued, Foster’s self-help tips are essential for any newbie reviewer.

If I had to…

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