Shadows in the Flames (A Review)

The Farmington Review

Review by Curtis Cole

                Brent Roth returns to the writing milieu with the third entry in TheDragon’s Wrath, a massive novel following the exploits of protagonist gamer-extraordinaire Brent and his obsession with the virtual reality MMORPG The Dragon’s Wrath. (The parallels between the book as it actually exists and the novel’s contents, unfortunately, do not end here.) Is it any good, is it terrible? Let’s find out!

But before we do find out the usual caveat: as in the previous volume, installment number three, Shadows in the Flame, is a volume, so it is merely a piece of a larger narrative. It is not a novel in itself but rather a piece of a novel. Because of this, Shadows in the Flame picks up right after the conclusion of the second with no synopsis or ‘previous on’ to help new readers. As I wrote my review…

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