“Reading the Way of Things” (A Review)

The Farmington Review

Review by Curtis Cole

I love reading about Reading. That is to say, I love reading about literary theory concerning interpretation. If there is a new and dynamic way to engage with a text—a film, book, website, chair, etc.—then I am all in. I am a sort of lover of all things hermeneutic. So, when I saw Daniel Coffeen’s daring new book in which Deleuzian theory was combined with phenomenology, I couldn’t resist. I bought it right away and started reading. I am glad that I did, too, because though I do not agree with the book whole-heartedly, I felt that the theory within is worth engagement. Which, if dedicated readers know me at all, means that I am giving it the green-light.

Coffeen’s argument is something that he calls “Immanent Reading”. This practice is focused not on semiotics—on the relationship between signifier and signified—but on “unfolding”. Coffeen argues for…

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