Do the Bin Laden?

The Farmington Review

By Curtis Cole

                The Lonely Island is my favorite comedic pop band. Whether they are deconstructing Freudian tropes in “Motherlover” or satirizing Disney’s little kid musicians, they always have something interesting to say. So, when I saw a song by them that I hadn’t before heard—“Finest Girl (Bin Laden)”—I had to check it out. The end result? It’s one of the oddest politically charged songs I have ever heard.

Superficially, the track is about a romance between generic rock-pop star, on the one hand, and beautiful mystery lady on the other. But, of course, this is just the set-up and things quickly become apparent that typical Hollywood romances are being satirized; this is connoted early on when we see the “Connor” character reading a book simply entitled Romance Poems (undoubtedly by Romance Poet).

The track gains its real power of satirization through its deconstruction of sex-negative thinking. The oft-repeated…

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