The Big Bhang by Travis Hill (A Review)

The Farmington Review

Review by Curtis Cole

                Stoners, pot heads, weed enthusiasts… whatever you want to call them, the point is clear: there is a branch of society which enjoys cannabis. Indeed, they enjoy it so much that it becomes part of their identity. Enter, the Bob Marley super-fans, the Cheech and Chong groupies, and slightly spaced out college children who seem to forget that there is more to each than THC. But among the ‘legalize’ T-shirts and comedy films, there is the literature, and it is an odd-duck stew which can only be described as a variety hour of 80s inspired science-fiction and Left-centrist activism.

Or, at least it is in the pages of Travis Hill’s The Big Bhang.

The plot is easy to follow. Superstar weed grower Jeremy Jefferson Jacobs Jackson, but Forjay for short, is the undisputed champion of everything marijuana. Winning the international competition several decades in…

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