Golden Chances on the Lonely Island

The Farmington Review

By Curtis Cole

A couple of years back, I wrote a deconstruction of “Motherlover”, a Lonely Island track which featured the low-key homoerotic desire. Using the power of clichéd Freudian analysis, I was able to discern the humble intention of the two male protagonists; that is to say, of how they were using oedipal constructs to sublimate their homosexual urges.

Fast forward to now, and I am just getting around to deconstructing the sequel to “Motherlover”, a lovely little track called “Three-Way (The Golden Rule)”.

Does this sequel elude precise meaning, does it give us a solid foundation upon which to strike at heteronormativity? Or maybe it takes an alternative route? Enough blabber! The only way to tell for sure is to delve down into the track and get it done. So, let’s do it.

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