Psychology of the Oedipus Complex in “Motherlover”

UMF English Department Blog

By: Curtis Cole

[Disclaimer: Features some sexual content]

In Freudian theory there exists a theory on castration, namely, that the only reason young boys give up their sexual desire for their mothers is due to the father’s threat of emasculation. As far as genitals is concerned this is all well and good; typical of the Freudian mindset, this carries over into adulthood with the male child, as recounted by Robert Dale Parker in Interpreting Literature (2008), as “displac[ing] his desire for his mother onto a gender-similar ‘object’, a women who is not his mother” (119). Done by the father to ensure the child entry into heterosexuality, this act also doubly performs as a barrier to ensure that the father-figure itself remains unharmed by what Freud saw as the internal desire of the child to kill the father so as to win the love of the mother.

However, what happens when…

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