Starship Mine (A Review)

The Farmington Review

Review by Curtis Cole

Agency, community, and exploration—these are the themes of Peter Cawdron’s Starship Mine, an original novella featuring protagonist James Patterson, a gay space accountant.

As with any novella, the themes shape the story. In this case, Earth plays host to an extra-terrestrial message which earthlings receive as a dream; accordingly, it is quickly dubbed ‘The Dream.’ This dream is merely that of a big blue planet, an asteroid belt, and an alien spaceship. Millions experience this dream but only a handful makes it past the asteroid belt, and only James Peterson, our out, and stalwart accountant hero, makes it aboard the spaceship. Once there, he meets a race of intelligent, shape-shifting spider-aliens who converse with him on intelligence, equality, and the nature of the universe.

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