A Night to Forget (A Creative Project) (Pt.2)

Pt.2: My Future is Shining… or something

(Pt.1 see here)

You stumble out of your dorm, forgetting that you still smell like a brewery. But, it is all good—you’re in college! It is normal, right? Of course, it is, you reassure yourself. You weren’t the only one getting shit faced last night. That Freshie who was puking his guts out? Quaint.

Okay, focus! You need to get back that precious something. Take a deep breath. Okay. Walk in that bathroom and take a piss, heavens knows you have held is in long enough.

You walk in the bathroom. It looks like this.

University budget cuts really hit certain facilities hard.

Is that your liquor bottle? What is it doing in the bathroom… ? Then, all of a suddenly, after you are done pissing all over your shoes (pathetic, just fucking pathetic), who is it but none other than THE Jack Torrance! He is here, right outside your stall, staring at you; amazing!


So deep, so profound… maybe he knows where the facilities budget went– no, wait; ask him if he knows what you lost. You need to find it, remember? You can’t just pull what you lost out of your ass. Or can you?


He leans in close, his bristled, unshaven face wafting off its own alcoholic aroma. It is scary, having him leering over you, his disheveled gaze peering into your soul as though your time had come. He speaks your name, then, all of a suddenly, takes you by the arm and drags you outside of the restroom, practically pulling you down the stairs. To say you are confused is an understatement.

As Jack drags you, he screams about all variety of nonsense you have no clue about. Like, where Wendy and Danny are, why he was frozen for so long, and what year it is. Weird, you surmise. But not as weird as the gallons of blood which pour down the stairs and gush like the puss from a teenager’s popped wart. If this wasn’t likely just a schizophrenic joy-ride you mind made up to hide trauma, you would be both very concerned as well as very dirty– blood all over your new clothes. It’s your first time all over again!

Finally, though, you arrive at the ground floor. Jack suddenly turns around and falls to his knees, staring once more into your eyes with his devilish gaze. He says “I didn’t so much as touch you; it was your fault: it was just a tiny bit too much…” but then he breaks off before he finishes. He stands up and rushes off; you try to follow him but upon turning a corner, he vanishes. Where and how, you do not know, but you see on the ground a tagged key sitting before a couple of young Albino girls:


Fancy. And oddly old-fashioned. I guess we know where the facilities budget went.


Maybe this will help you find what you lost? If what you lost locked behind a door; a common garden variety door? Even if it was, what are you going to do, start trying every door on campus identified as 247? Well, you’ve spent the day doing more pointless and masturbatory things.

Onward to the unknown!

(Jesus fucking Christ; can you stop puking for a couple of minutes. You are gross.)


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