A Night to Forget (A Creative Project) (Pt.4)

Pt. 4: Have a Barry-berry Good Time!

(For pt.3 click here)

The good news is that you have stopped puking. The bad news is that I have no idea where you are going (shut up!).

Entering the student center, which looks like this, by the way…




I am quickly pawn to no one other than Barry Lyndon. Thankfully, he seems to be one of the more sufferable characters in this poorly written farce.

“Come, lad, we must go: for what you’ve lost is just around the corner!”

Oh, thank fuck! You say inwardly. But, you know this is a lie. Barry is a sociopath and a chronic liar. Even in your less than mindful state, you can tell that he is just jerking you around and not in the good way. But you follow along anyways; because, honestly, you know that whatever this is will not end until every film of Kubrick’s has manifested itself in impossible ways.

But, you follow along with any ways because you lack free will. As you lifelessly follow Barry, listening to his elaborate string of lies, you see multiple gatherings of students. It is lunch time, evidently, and many sit around circular tables eating and drinking and chortling with their fellow youths. It is something that you wish you had; as you lack friends, though, it is rather pointless to muse on a reality which only exists in the multiverse.

Still, your lack of friends was what led you to drink, was it not? You were invited to that party by this girl you had recently met; you met some interesting people, encountered a cute guy, got alone with that guy, and just as you were to black out… rats, it will come back eventually. You hope?

Anyways, you climb down a set of stairs and round a corner. Barry turns to you and says, “now, what you lost is just over there, in that bathroom. Careful.” And, poof, vanishes.

Maybe he is not lying? You hope so because you are getting sick of this picaresque tale of vapid nothingness.


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