Ep.2: The series has Landed (Notes)

  • Moon turned into an amusement park while, somehow, the original moon landing site was lost. The history of early spaceflight is then mythologized by so-called “Fungineers” who are paid to make up history based off of educational hunches; there is even a degree for this occupation and so we glean some of the intellectual decay which has happened in the last thousand years (this is interesting since supposedly, educational standards have increased, as mentioned by the professor in a later episode; I feel this only means that the ideological regime has grown).  Pop culture artifacts from the 20th century are then used to legitimate this new mythology (hence, the HoneyMooners segment about spousal abuse now repurposed to indicate space travel).
  • Workers as a Non-issue: the Planet Express company commercial reads, “Our crew is replaceable, your package isn’t!”
  • Is there a history of conflict on the moon? Unnamed lunar redneck with “three beautiful robot daughters” remarks that “the moon will rise again”, complete with a confederate-inspired flag. I assume this means that the corporate amusement park is the industrialized “north” while the desolate wastelands are the rural pre-industrial “south”?
  • World Building: in the world of futurama, in Juresluam, there is a “sexerteria” (like a “cafeteria” but for sex).

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