Ep.4: Love’s Labours Lost in Space (Notes)

  • Bender has a fully functional Gaydar; though this is just a comedic play on words transformed into a literal joke, in the context of the show itself, it must actually exist. Therefore, we can only assume that in the Futurama franchise, part of human homosexuality’s acceptance is due to absolute genetic proof. I feel that the term “organic computer” somehow applies here, though I am unsure how.
  • Cultural satire: the “Hip Joint” is a club where retro fashion is “cool” because they are “stupid”; to say that they are “cool” without the “stupid” is to make a social transgression as it is placing the social worth of fashion into its own right instead of reifying it as part of commoditization.
  • Woman at bar informs Fry that cyborgs once enslaved humanity.
  • Vergon-6: a planet which is forbidden to be traveled to because the so-called “Democratic Order of Planets” (or, DOOP; as in, you have been “duped” into supporting imperialism under a multicultural guise), secured the planet for themselves to mine after it was discovered that the planet contained mass-amounts of precious “dark matter”, a substance which is used for starship fuel. Constitutes a minor satirization of the bourgeois theme of “underdeveloped nations” and “non-interference”.
  • Zap Triumph: he saved the Octillian system from rampaging killbots by “throwing wave after wave” of his men at them, understanding that killbots power down when they reach a pre-designated amount of kills.
  • Lela’s sexual encounter with Zap only transpires due to pity; an instance of fragile masculinity.

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