Ep.6: A Fishful of Dollars (Notes)

  • Advertisements are broadcast in peoples’ dreams; Fry remarks, “what kind of place is this where they advertise things not everyone can afford?”
  • MOM shows a duplicity as a brutal captain of industry, yet retains an aesthetic of homespun warmth; she trademarks words such as “love” and “screen door”.
  • Fry’s wealth originates through the events of him being frozen (the brains, Nibbler, time code, etc.); perhaps a commentary on the absurd quality of wealth accumulation vis-a-vis inheritance.
  • Fry uses his money to reclaim memories, re, his life in the 20th century; attempts to de-reify the past but only manages to alienate and reify his self.
  • Economic Fact: Mom says that there are “ten-billion robots each needing an oil change every three thousand miles”. MOM must be the de-facto ruler of the universe if she has a monopoly on that production and surplus-value realization.
  • The professor remarks that madness runs in his family (this is a dialog continued in later seasons, especially S6).
  • The cow is an extinct animal alongside the anchovy (which was fished to death when Zoidberg’s people arrived on Earth; is this why some anti-alien sentiment exists?). Are there any other references to common animals being extinct? In later episodes, we learn that pine trees don’t exist and that forests on Earth don’t exist any longer, but what about animals?

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