Ep.7: My Three Suns (Notes)

  • Bender enjoys cooking but is both ashamed and terrible at it; an oddly normative gender role considering the kind of absurdity we have seen so far. Though, not quite sexist since we have seen Elzar, a professional male-chef, be grand at cooking. Provided, I do not recall any female chefs, so the show may be reproducing the professional dichotomy of cooking (males can cook if they are professional, while women are, otherwise, the standard).
  • Gourmet food shop in Little Neptune sells human (shopkeeper says, “what, you want human?”).
  • Planet Trisol is in the Galaxy of Terror: it is a government plagued by assassinations and which may be contained to itself, instead of threatening its neighbors, by this cycle of political death. Interestingly enough, Fry’s status as “the solid”, something which prevents him from being killed as his forebears, could have heralded a new age for the planet had his rule solidified. But, seeing as how the natives went through the trouble to construct a giant juicing machine, solid-liquid lordship co-habitations may be more common than initially assumed.
  • Emporer Bont’s survival depends on Fry crying him out through his tears. Such a dependency is initially problematized as due to Fry’s self-proclaimed “macho”-ness. This continues the interesting sub-text on gender roles and is telling that Fry must be physically beaten in order to cry the Emporer out and both live.

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